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Angel Cabrera - Best Golfer from Argentina

Angel Cabrera is a professional golfer who hails from Argentina and is a member of both the European Tour and the US PGA Tour.

Affectionately known as 'The Duck' for the waddling gait that he has, Cabrera is a two time major winner having won the US Open title in 2007 and the Masters title in 2009, he is also the first and only Argentine golfer to win both the major titles in the country's history.

Rory Mcilroy Celebrates His Victory With Close Friends In NYC

Rory Mcilroy has surely been working hard on his golfing skills and this clearly reflects in the recent successes that he has been able to achieve even without the help of any lady luck. Mcilroy won the PGA National Championship on the 10th of August, 2014.

The PGA championships took place in Kentucky this year. Mcilroy faced tough competition from Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson. However, he was able to win the tournament very conveniently.

After the tournament, Mcilroy went to New York in order to celebrate his success at the championships with a few of his close friends.


Rory Mcilroy Following Ashley Bongiovanni On Twitter

Recently, Rory Mcilroy won his second title in Kentucky at the golf club known as Valhalla and thus was able to win his 4th major golfing championship. The attractive blonde model- Ashley Bongiovanni has been claiming that she has been the lucky charm that has worked for Mcilroy and his recent successes.


It might be smiling fate for Matt Kuchar at the U.S Open

Matt Kuchar stood to the 18th green as he was unable to clinch it by a lead of four- shot. This happened in April at the Houston Open. So a very abrupt closing to the playoff. After seven days Kuchar lead Masters share but not before a putt of four in the fourth hole at the Augusta National.


Figure is no matter in golf

Affectionately known as ‘El Pato’ for his good capon lined belly and a bulky built, Angel Cabrera has always proved that to be a golf player one does not need to be a double-edged sword, skills are all that it takes to grab the trophies. His records beam out a U.S. Open Champion Trophy and a Masters too as the first ever Argentine and critics have no counter-points to give even if he has been a regular smoker for so long.