Golfer Angel Cabrera was one of the important persons to be absent from the gala. Major players in the sport Cordoba could not be at the gala that closed the sporting year. Those absent with notice, were Javier Pastore, the player of Palermo in Italy, David Eli, organizer of the Rally Dakar Argentina-Chile 2010, basketball Leonardo Gutierrez, Rally driver, Federico Villagra, the golfer Angel Cabrera and former swimmer José Méolans.

Eli, on organizational issues for the launch of the Dakar, which will occur on Saturday, could not get to Cordova, but sent his son as a representative to receive the statuette for one of the special prizes. Leo Gutierrez, meanwhile, could not be absent from the training Peñarol de Mar del Plata, the “Coyote” for being on vacation and the “Jaws” and “Duck” for personal commitments.

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Angel Cabrera recovered from his initial struggles to finish strongly in the PGA tour. The Cordoba Angel Cabrera, top seed to keep the competition before the start, recovered in the final round (he signed a round 70 strokes) and advanced to the sixth placement, with 279 (-1).

The Tucuman César Costilla, winner of the 2009, progressed to the ninth position with 280 strokes (even), like the La Plata Juan Pablo Cordoba Abbate and Estanislao Goya.
The top winner in Open history of the Republic is the glory of the local golf: Roberto De Vicenzo, active today at age 87. The native of Ranelagh was imposed in the editions 1944, 1949, 1951, 1952, 1958, 1965, 1967, 1970 and 1974 successively.

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