Angel Cabrera is all set to defend his master’s title this season and make some changes to his game play so that he can manage to put on a tough fight.

The problem that Angel usually faces is that he is usually under the radar most of the time and people are unaware of his whereabouts and achievements. In Argentina as of now, he still hasn’t got much response from the sports enthusiasts, who are all in praise for Lionel Messi at the moment.

Although Angel Cabrera managed to win the Augusta cup last year, he has not got his due share of fan following. Rather, his victory was also sided out with the news that the defending champion Kenny Perry lost his touch and was unable to pull up a stunt like the previous years, due to which it ended up as a victory for Angel.

Angel has always been known to have most of his victories and success under tremendous amount of pressure. He showed such talent and skill when he played at the 2007 US Open. A similar thing also took place last year when he played at the Masters.

This chain of pressured successes is something which people find hard to believe as they want to know the secret behind Angel Cabrera’s success and how he managed to reach such heights with so much of tension and pressure on his mind.

If one closely observes his game, one will be astonished to find that some of the best shots have been played at the most crucial times and these shots have gone on to make him win finally at the end of it. Angel is very enthusiastic to meet his son Angelito and loves it when he comes to caddy for his father.

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Angel Cabrera was left awestruck after his return to the Augusta National for the defence of his US Masters title. The return has left the forty year old emotional.

About a year ago, Angel Cabrera won his second major title, which earned him the prestigious right to a much coveted spot in the champions’ locker room of Augusta. Angel Cabrera fought off the challenge of both Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell to win the title.

Angel Cabrera tried to communicate to the reporters exactly how he felt when he walked up to the champion’s locker room for the first time, telling them it was an overwhelming feeling, and that it was very hard to describe what he felt when he saw the names of all the champions in the beautiful champion’s locker room.

He said he looked around and saw the names of Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros and Jack Nicklaus and the like and was moved immensely. It was a moment that left him moved and awestruck as he was considered to be an equal of such greats.

In order to arrive at the Augusta National, the players have to drive through the front gates on the famous Washington Road and on to the clubhouse which is along the beautiful Magnolia Lane.

Angel Cabrera said that it was indeed an honour to be back to the Augusta national as the atmosphere makes him feel so special.

He said that he felt very satisfied after walking down the iconic Magnolia Lane and it brought back the memories of him leaving the same place a year back with the jacket on.

It remains to be seen if Angel Cabrera can return to his winning ways in this New Year – though sadly he isn’t one of the favourites to retain his title on the latest masters golf betting exchanges.

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