It was only three years back that Argentine golfer Angel Cabrera won The Masters in 2009 triggering mass hysteria in his native country but today, the fact that he is heading to play in Puerto Rico Open instead of playing in the World Golf Championship: Cadillac Championships goes to show just how far he has fallen since his days of glory.

The former world number five has slumped all the way down to 169th in the latest rankings golf rankings and this slump in the career of Cabrera is just a forewarning to all the young players that they can take nothing for granted in the sport.

The 42 year old Cabrera is yet to survive midway through a cut in any of the three PGA Tour events that he has played so far this year but playing in the Puerto Rico Open might just be the first step in the right direction for Angel Cabrera, who has been starved of success since his last Major victory and a win at the Open might just boost his confidence as well as rankings.

Although it would be unjust to think that he can still play at the very top level day in and day out and compete for a place in the top ten, it would not be entirely out of this world considering the fact that a certain Phil Mickelson is still doing it every time.

But that might just be the difference between the greats and the legends with Mickelson in the top 50 in spite of not performing anywhere near his best and Cabrera out of the top 100.

But as all great romantics of golf like to put it, one cannot rule out and golfer and Angel Cabrera certainly has what it takes to bounce back from his slump.

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One of the major things stopping Angel Cabrera from becoming a worldwide name is that for much of the time he is off the radar and it’s difficult for people to keep a track of his whereabouts and current updates.

Although he has won quite a number of tournaments for himself in the golfing circuit, he has not been able to make himself popular like Messi in his home country Argentina, so no-one is quite sure where he is – or what tournament he is playing in.

The victory at Augusta caused some interested but that excitement died down as soon as it had started.

Even without the screaming fans though, he manages to gain victories and work his way up the World Rankings.

He has shown immense skill and tactics even when made to play under pressure and has emerged victorious in these conditions. Examples of these can be displayed at the US Open in the year 2007 and also at the Masters Championship in the year 2011.

According to the Open betting online, he is one of the favourites to finish in the top 10, and yet he will hardly have a following on the course.

Angel Cabrera’s success has definitely reached great heights, but has never been complemented by his fan following.

He has said he prefers keeping a low profile and that only having his loved ones cheer for him is a great feeling, as he feels they are his lucky charm.

Good luck Angel!

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