Focus on Cabrera

Angel Cabrera is a professional golfer from the South American country Argentina, and he has been a member of both the US PGA Tour and the European Tour since 2007.

His waddling gait has earned the Argentine the nickname of ‘el Pato’ which means ‘the duck’ and he is often referred to by his fans, fellow golfers and the television analysts by his nickname. Cabrera entered his name into the history books for Argentine golf as he became the first man from the country to be crowned the champion at the US Open and the Masters.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Cabrera had a very tough childhood in terms of the income of his family was not high enough and although they were not impoverished, they had to live under austerity measures. His parents separated when he was just three years old and the young Angel was left under the care of his grandmother. His first foray into golf came when he was 10 years old as Angel Cabrera became a caddy at the Cordoba Country Club, a place which became his home according to the golfer.
He started playing golf against the other caddies at the club for money and very soon, his powerful swing caught the attention of the members of the club and one of the members, who was a real estate agent bought him his first set of clubs.

Angel Cabrera turned professional at the very young age of 20 years old. He had been trying to become a professional since the age of 17 but he failed in his first three attempts at the European Tour Qualifying School before succeeding in 1995. He joined the US PGA Tour in 2007 and won the US Open that year followed by the prestigious US Masters title in 2009.

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