Sports betting tips

Anyone familiar with online gambling will know that the list of bookmakers offering ‘free bets’ and ‘bonuses’ is growing by the day. In an attempt to attract more customers, all of the big players are offering generous deals to entice you in. They will often match your first bet up to a certain amount, or give you a free bonus.

Sifting through all of the potential offers can be an arduous business, hence why it is advisable to use a comparison site.
Such sites have a panel of expert tipsters at its disposal and will regularly advise you on winning bets. At any one time, around 7 experts may be lending you their experience of the major markets. We all know how many markets there are on offer in the world of online gambling – this can be seen as more opportunities or more pitfalls. With onebooker you can make the wide availability of obscure bets into much more of an opportunity.

Online betting is a chance to make profit out of your hard earned sports knowledge. As sports fans, we spend hours glued to the sports pages and watching the football news, but we can’t know everything, and in some cases it’s wise to defer to a more specialised set of experts.

The internet gives us a great resource by which we can research our bets. Our hard earned money is at stake, and we shouldn’t surrender to the temptation of diving into markets we know little of, despite their potential for quick gain. We should also vary the sites we subscribe to. Why use just a single bookmaker when there are so many deals on offer and therefore better value odds.

Other ways to profit with sports include sports themed casino games. One good option is a golf themed casino game called Argyle Open. The video slot, found in, has all the features you would expect in a slots game, including five reels, several bonus games and dozens of paylines, and in addition to those it also appeals to the golfer. There are golfers teeing, clubs and flags on the spinning reels, and all kinds or golf related images from gloves to bunkers feature in the colourful graphics. It might not be the most serious way to gamble, but for a golf fan it is still worth a try.

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