Ian Poulter in amazing Twitter rant

English golfer Ian Poulter found himself in hot water as he ran into a raging row on the social networking site Twitter with Steve Elkington, a former champion at the US PGA Championship after he claimed that he would like to taser the muppets who keep on shouting during golf tournaments.

As it was, the 37 year old Englishman was disappointed with his performances at the Oak Hill and there was more fuel added to the fire after he posted a tweet on the popular social networking site lambasting those fans who yell on golf courses. According to the tweet posted by Poulter, professional golfers should be allowed to carry 10,000 volt tasers with them onto the golf course and tazer every fan who decides to shout out something stupid and have a laugh, adding that he would have a laugh then.

This sparked an angry reaction from Elkington who posted a message on Twitter, addressing Ian Poulter which stated that the fans the Englishman chose to refer to as muppets are known as patrons. But the Englishman was in mood to have a curt conversation with Elkington after finishing at tied 61st at the US PGA Championship, failing to challenge even once at Oak Hill and told Elkington that would be better off crawling back under the rocks with his friends.

In what was another major failure for the Englishman, the response he gave to Elkington would have surprised many but he was not finished yet as he went on to endorse a fan’s tweet asking if the evetran was indeed not liked by most of the professional golfers on Tour.

But Ian Poulter in decent mood later on when he summed up his four rounds at the Oak Hill last weekend and did not seem to have any problem whatsoever.

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Adam Scott says Tiger ahead in Player of the Year

Tiger Woods has had a brilliant 2013 season for those not paying enough attention with his five wins on the US PGA Tour from 12 starts already this season. The world number one himself has termed his year a success and albeit it hasn’t yielded his 15th major title, it still has been more productive than any other golfer on the Tour by quite a distance.

And according to reigning US Masters champion Adam Scott, the polls are closed on the voting for the Player of the Year. The Australian stated that it is extremely hard to overlook five wins on the Tour, when asked about the media about the criteria for choosing the season’s Player of the Year.

He stated that it is a great achievement for any golfer to win so many times, before going on to add if one believes winning a major is something that determines whether a year has been a success or not, then not winning one can have an effect.

But Adam Scott mentioned that he has always based the success of a player on the Tour on winning and he added that he doesn’t believe that winning one major makes up for winning five other events. However, for someone like Tiger Woods who has already won 14 major wins under his belt, not winning one major for yet another year for the fifth straight season can have an effect.

And although Scott doesn’t believe he will never come anywhere close to challenging Tiger’s overall major record, he still wouldn’t trade his green jacket for the five wins on Tour. Adam Scott also added that he would rather have his own season and mentioned that he believes Tiger would also prefer his title considering the 15th title is proving so elusive for him.

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