Rory Mcilroy Following Ashley Bongiovanni On Twitter

Recently, Rory Mcilroy won his second title in Kentucky at the golf club known as Valhalla and thus was able to win his 4th major golfing championship. The attractive blonde model- Ashley Bongiovanni has been claiming that she has been the lucky charm that has worked for Mcilroy and his recent successes.

Ashley Bongiovanni had earlier tried to gain Mcilroy’s attention during the WGC Bridgestone tournament that had taken place in Ohio. A video was uploaded on the internet which actually showcased the attempts that Bongiovanni was making in order to make an impact on Mcilroy during the tournament last month.

In the month of May, Rory Mcilroy broke off his relationship with Caroline Wozniacki (tennis player) and just a month after that Ashley Bongiovanni was seen at the tournament trying to impress Mcilroy with her beauty.

The pictures she uploads on Instagram and Twitter are usually very striking and appealing because she is a glamour model.

Since the video of Bongiovanni at the WGC Bridgestone golf tournament went viral on the internet, people thought that her chances would be hampered. But then Mcilroy decided to follow her on Twitter and it seems he does not want to ignore the attention he is getting from this beautiful fan.

In an interview that was taken by Fox News, Ashley Bongiovanni said that Mcilroy and she have been in contact with each other. She is also of the opinion that maybe her presence at the tournament increased his chances of winning the Bridgestone tournament.

Bongiovanni even affirmed that if Mcilroy and she did get into a relationship then that would totally be their personal matter.

There were already rumors this summer, about Rory Mcilroy having romantic links with Irish models namely Sasha Gale and Nadia Forde. However, the rumors have not been affirmed by either Mcilroy or the models.

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