Adam Scott looking for missing link in game

For a time last year, whatever Adam Scott touched turned into gold. The Aussie became the world number one, won a major event, had ten finishes in the top ten and his cut streak extended to a whopping 44 events but he is looking for a lot more from his game.
The US PGA Tour season of the Australian ended on a decent enough note as he finished at ninth in the Tour Championship, but it is not quite close to the top as he would want to be and it also means he will be spending his off season looking to improve his game.
Despite the good results he had this year, Scott, who is currently ranked at second in the world behind Rory McIlroy feels that he left a lot out on the course and he didn’t make full use of the opportunities that presented itself.
Adam Scott stated that he was expecting a lot more from his game this year. The 2013 Masters champion also said that he has played better golf than the results are showing and he wants to prove the doubters wrong.
He went on to add that he will find out the reasons behind his failings this year and find a remedy and that is what he plans to do between now and the end of the year. He admits that he needs to do a lot better.
Scott witnessed the likes of McIlroy and Martin Kaymer win major titles by playing an aggressive brand of golf and according to Adam Scott, he will look to play with a lot more freedom as he believes everything is there in his game and all he has to do is put them together and find the missing link that will help him succeed in the future.

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