Angel Cabrera – Best Golfer from Argentina

Angel Cabrera is a professional golfer who hails from Argentina and is a member of both the European Tour and the US PGA Tour.

Affectionately known as ‘The Duck’ for the waddling gait that he has, Cabrera is a two time major winner having won the US Open title in 2007 and the Masters title in 2009, he is also the first and only Argentine golfer to win both the major titles in the country’s history.

Born in the city of Cordoba in Argentina, Cabrera had a difficult upbringing as a child with his father, a handyman, struggling financially and his mother also had to work as a maid in order to support the family. He was only four years old when his parents split up and a young Cabrera was left in the care of his maternal grandmother.

Angel Cabrera became a caddie at the Cordoba Country Club when he was just ten years old and he still fondly calls it his home away from home. He learned to play the sport by watching the players on the course and in the evenings, he would play against the other caddies for money. He had a fierce determination and powerful swing and his prowess on the course soon caught the eye of a real estate manager who bought the youngster his first set of golf clubs when he was 16 years old.

Having turned professional at the age of 2000, Angel Cabrera failed to qualify for the European Tour in his first three visits to the qualifying school.

Since becoming a member of the major Tours, Cabrera has improved significantly as a golfer and has gone on to become one of the most consistent and highly respected golfers on the Tours although he plays very less events now than before.

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