Emiliano A Big Fan Of Cabrera

There is no doubt that Angel Cabrera is a legendary golfer and has achieved a lot in his golfing career.

There would be a lot of fans rooting for him whenever he enters the golf course. Emiliano Grillo has openly said that he is a fan of his fellow countryman’s golfing skills and has watched his hero in action at the 2007 US Open Championship on video about 100 times.

Emiliano has said that Cabrera’s golfing prowess at the 2007 US Open was out of this world and is a great motivation for him to do better things on the golf course. He is hoping that he can emulate Cabrera’s feat one day by winning a Majors title. The highlights video of Angel Cabrera winning the 2007 US Open Championship was played by Emiliano over and over again in order to get a very good motivation while taking part at Oakmont.

Grillo has made the cut to his maiden US Open Championship, but will not be able to enjoy the same success that his golfing idol has achieved almost a decade ago. Grillo has paid tributes to his idol by wearing an outfit similar to his idol with differences in the weight and the sponsors.

This was a good effort from the side of Grillo to pay tribute to Argentina’s all time famous golfer Angel Cabrera. He had made this gesture on Father’s Day and this was not a bad time to choose to pay a fitting tribute to his hero and idol.

Cabrera is 23 years older to Grillo and this 46 year old pro golfer earned more than $46,000 competing in the Oakmont US Open in June this year. This shows that he still has the fire power in him to compete with the best modern day golfers and give them a good run for their money.

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