In every sport in the world, there have been maestros. The players who have dominated and shaped people perception of the game. There are examples of people in history who have dominated in their field. For example, Michael Jordan dominated as a basketball player. Agassi practically nailed himself into some Wimbledon VIP tickets for the rest of his life.

Golf of course, also has its fair share of classics, the only difference being that they did it with clubs and not basketballs. Let’s have a look at the past decade and discuss some of the most dominating recent golfers, the ones who caught the eyes of fans over the past decade (2000-2010).

Mike Weir is one the greatest golfer that Canada has ever produced. This golfer hasn’t managed a lot during his career thus far though, but his achievement of being the only Canadian to win a major deserves appreciation. Not only this, but Mike is only the second lefty golfer after Bob Charles to have won the major. This Canadian golfer is surely a hero in Canada as he has captured seven PGA Tour titles. The first of which was in 2000 at the World Golf Championship.

Next is David Toms with one major title, the 2003 PGA Championship and eight PGA Tour victories. This golfer has an amazing putting stroke that is definitely one of the hardest to beat. David has reportedly had heart problems but they have been corrected after intense treatment. As a great golfer he sidelined his problems and continued passionately with his career, with dedication that has made him one of the top in the business. His first victory after 2000 came at the Kingsmill tournament.

Jim Furyk and Ernie Els are two other prominent players, and ironically they are tied if we compare the number of titles they hold. But Ernie Els lies slightly above Jim due to the fact that Els has two more majors to his name, these were before the year 2000 though. The South African Ernie Els, won his first title in 2000 at the International Presented by Qwest. However with his swift swing, Furyk has managed to secure 11 titles since 2000 and a victory at the Ryder Open in 2000.

Angel Cabrera is one of todays most powerful and talented golfers. He secured his first US victory on one the toughest course; the Oakmont. He lies above many others as he has been able to grab two major titles after 2000. The first being the US Open in 2007 and the second being the Masters Tournament in 2009, which won him many gifts, including the famous Green Jacket.